Shrimp Keeper - Saltwater Bait Holding Formula by Sure Life

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SHRIMP-KEEPER™ Saltwater Bait Holding Formula

This saltwater conditioner will help keep alive, shrimp, ghost shrimp, croakers, mullet, mud minnows, piggy perch, and menhaden. Carefully researched around the country, SHRIMP-KEEPER™ proved to be of value with all types of saltwater bait. This greenish yellow granular compound:

Totally conditions saltwater to help prolong the life of captive bait.
Removes ammonia to help decrease losses.
Removes harmful chlorine from melting ice.
Reduces fungus and bacteria.
Stimulates the natural slime coating on saltwater baitfish.
Readily dissolves in bait tank water.
Reduces surface tension so that more oxygen can enter water.
Saves labor, since fewer water changes are necessary.
Reduces odors from bait tanks.
Removes harmful surface foam.
One tablespoon of SHRIMP-KEEPER™ treats 25 gallons of saltwater; one cupful treats 200 gallons of water. On very poor bait, we recommend that you use a double dose of SHRIMP-KEEPER™. If using a flow through system, more SHRIMP-KEEPER™ must be added when color dissipates from water. We highly recommend that a closed system be used with this product.

SL311B Treats 50 Gallons

SL312 Treats 250 Gallons

SL313 Treats 1,200 Gallons

SL314 Treats 4,800 Gallons

SL315 Treats 14,400 Gallons