Pro Anglers and Release of Sportfish

Problem Appearance Cause Proper Action  Notes
Bass Hook Wounds Flesh of bass injured with hooks. Use of treble hooks. Place a pinch of PLEASE RELEASE ME on wounds. PLEASE RELEASE ME helps insure that bass are alive and healthy for weigh in and later release.
Bass Losses Bass lose their sense of stability and cannot swim upright in livewell. Bass have lost electrolytes and have stopped producing slime coating. Water may be fouled from accumulated waste and/or water may be to hot. Use PLEASE RELEASE ME in livewells and weigh in tanks. Use ice to help cool water. Use PLEASE RELEASE ME year round to help keep bass alive for later release. PLEASE RELEASE ME helps increase chances of winning with live bass.
Bass Tournament Fish Die Off Bass are found floating in release area days after bass tournament is held. Bass are placed under great stress during weigh in. Each individual bass fisherperson should treat their livewells with either
PLEASE RELEASE ME granules or TIME RELEASE TABLETS in their boats throughout the day.
Tournament directors should be using PRO-BASS TANK FORMULA #1 & #2 in all weigh in tanks. It is the responsibility of each tournament director to ensure that proper handling techniques are utilized throughout the entire tournament.
Dirty Bait Tanks And Livewells Tanks have stains, hard water deposits and slime build-up. Infrequent cleanings of tanks and possible hard water supply. Use TLC (Tank & Livewell Cleaner). TLC (Tank and Livewell Cleaner) may be used straight from the bottle or used as a diluted cleaning solution.
Foam On
Water Surface
Foamy bubbles on surface of water. Protein breakdown from thrown slime coat, decaying fish and/or uneaten fish food. Use FOAM-OFF. If foam is not removed, fish may suffocate, since 90% of the oxygen transfer in water occurs at the surface of water.
Stain In Bait
Tanks Or Livewells
Tanks have stained sides and bottom. Stains originate from normal use and/or use of water conditioners. Use TLC (Tank & Livewell Cleaner). TLC (Tank & Livewell Cleaner) works on plastic, fiberglass, gel coating, glass, concrete and metal surfaces.
Walleye Losses Walleye die in livewells during tournaments. Walleye go belly up in boats' livewell after being caught. Use WALLEYE-SAVER in either granules or TIME RELEASE TABLETS. WALLEYE-SAVER replaces lost electrolytes, fights fungus and bacteria, removes harmful pesticides and have metals from livewell water. WALLEYE-SAVER also calms walleye to reduce injury and removes chlorine so city ice may be used to cool water.
Warm Water Fish are very distressed, lose their balance and become soft. Water is hot and low in oxygen content. Cool water temperature with either ice or mechanical means. When cooling water with ice, be sure to use a water conditioner to remove any chlorine which may be in the ice.