Saltwater Solutions

Problem Appearance Cause Proper Action Notes
Dirty Bait Tanks And Livewells Tanks have stains, hard water deposits and slime build-up. Infrequent cleanings of tanks and possible hard water supply. Use TLC (Tank & Livewell Cleaner TLC (Tank and Livewell Cleaner) may be used straight from the bottle or used as a diluted cleaning solution.
Ghost Shrimp Losses Ghost Shrimp die in captivity. Ghost Shrimp are very sensitive to ammonia poisoning and special care must be given to properly treat the water. Use SHRIMP-KEEPER in holding tanks and SHRIMP-BUDDIES in small 1-2 gallon shrimp buckets. SURE-LIFE saltwater conditioners remove ammonia and reduce incidence of diseases.
Oxygen Depletion In Bait/Shrimp Buckets Bait comes to surface gulping for air. Overcrowding of bait bucket causes short supply of oxygen in water. For freshwater bait, use BAIT-BUDDIES, for Saltwater baits, use SHRIMP-BUDDIES. BAIT-BUDDIES and
SHRIMP-BUDDIES not only deliver oxygen to bait bucket water for 24 hours, but also totally condition water to keep bait alive longer while fishing.


/Menhadden Losses

Baitfish become stressed and losses quickly occur. Pogeys and menhadden are especially sensitive to ammonia poisoning and become stressed from lack of electrolytes.



POGEY/MENHADDEN-SAVER works also on croakers, mullet, mud minnows, piggy perch, goggle eyes and pilchards.
Shrimp Losses Freshly caught bait shrimp die in captivity. Ammonia in water causes shrimp to die quickly. SHRIMP-KEEPER. SHRIMP-KEEPER removes ammonia from saltwater, retards surface foam formation, fights fungus and bacteria, and removes chlorine instantly.
Warm Water Fish are very distressed, lose their balance and become soft. Water is hot and low in oxygen content. Cool water temperature with either ice or mechanical means. When cooling water with ice, be sure to use a water conditioner to remove any chlorine which may be in the ice.