Bait Buddies Tablets - Oxygen and Conditioning Tablets by Sure Life

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GALLONS TREATED: 1-2 per cup

*If purchasing single cups in Bulk SL090 please make a minimum purchase of 5 or more due to FREE SHIPPING. We will reject if less then 5 are ordered.

Bait Buddies

Keep minnows healthy with Sure-Life BAIT-BUDDIES™ 2-Pack. Each pack contains a gray oxygen tablet and a green conditioning tablet. The oxygen tablet bubbles for hours, adding oxygen to the water. The conditioning tablet dissolves quickly to remove ammonia, chlorine and heavy metals from the water, stimulate a natural slime coat on baitfish, reduce fungus and bacteria and add beneficial electrolytes.

Features and Benefits

Oxygen tablet bubbles for hours to add oxygen to the water
Clear-blue tint lets you know the water has been treated
Oxygen- and moisture-proof packaging keeps tablets dry and fresh
Oxygen and conditioning tablets treat holding water to keep minnows healthy
Conditioning tablet removes ammonia, chlorine and heavy metals, stimulates a natural slime coat on baitfish, reduces fungus and bacteria and adds beneficial electrolytes
Laminated foil seals are easy to open
Goin' Fishing'? Don't Forget Your BUDDIES!