BETTER BAIT - Minnow Holding Formula by Sure Life

BETTER BAIT - Minnow Holding Formula by Sure Life

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BETTER-BAIT™ Minnow Holding Formula

Conditions Water.
Removes Chlorine.
Keeps Bait Frisky.
Lowers Bait Losses.
Stimulates A Natural Slime Coat.
Removes Heavy Metals.
Reduces Fungus and Bacteria.
Adds Electrolytes.
BETTER-BAIT™ Adds Up To Repeat Sales

A complete water conditioner purposely developed for use on soft-scaled baitfish such as Fathead and Missouri minnows. This dark blue, granular formulation readily dissolves and leaves your. For used a the fish farm in both tanks and raceways, in fish hauling transportation trucks, in all types of holding vats and tanks, and both live bait wells and minnow buckets. BETTER-BAIT™ helps keep baitfish alive and frisky all the way from the fish farm until places on the end of a hook. With BETTER-BAIT™in the water, there are much fewer losses and the baitfish are much livelier which helps increase the chances for a longer and more productive day of fishing.

The advantages of using BETTER-BAIT™ in all types of holding water include:

The instant removal of harmful chlorine from city water and melting ice.
The enrichment of electrolytes back in the fish which are routinely lost during captivity.
Reduction of bacterial and fungal problems.
The chellation (removal) of any harmful heavy metals and pesticides which may be present in the water.
The stimulation of the natural slime coat of the baitfish.
BETTER-BAIT™ is economical and easy to use. One tablespoon treats 50 gallons of water while one cupful treats 400 gallons of water. This product dissolves readily and there is no need to wait before adding baitfish.

By using BETTER-BAIT™ in all new water and partial water changes, the holding of baitfish in captivity becomes more profitable since there are fewer losses. Please remember, BETTER-BAIT™ adds up to repeat sales.

There is a size packaging available for all consumers, regardless of their needs and quantities of water to be treated.

SL101B Treats 100 Gallons

SL102 Treats 500 Gallons

SL103 Treats 2400 Gallons

SL104 Treats 9,600 Gallons

SL105 Treats 28,800 Gallons