Better Bait Bulk - Refill with nice Savings Sure Life

Better Bait Bulk - Refill with nice Savings Sure Life

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If you are considering this sale to save money we assume you already know and trust this product to keep your fishing bait alive. If you are new to this product please leave us a message that you will need a care/instruction sheet for it's use.

Now, this is a nice money savings to purchase Better Bait in Bulk no frills packaging. This is straight out of a Bulk New Container that we will be offering for a short time. We have never offered this before at these discounts with FREE SHIPPING as it competes with our other products, but enjoy the savings while they last. Order as much as you like in the quantity you need. We have this as small as 2 oz. and as great as 12 Lbs. Order the amount you need.

We ship this out in Re-sealable bags you can use directly from or add them to your own containers. Your bait won't know you got this product at a discount :)

Please review your past purchases from us or anywhere else and do the math! I'm sure you will find this to be a nice discount compared to past purchases. This savings is possible only by not using factory packaging that have costs involved, overhead, and marketing expenses (Mostly expensive labeling and packaging) built in to it.