CHOVY SAVER  Saltwater Bait Holding Formula by Sure Life

CHOVY SAVER Saltwater Bait Holding Formula by Sure Life

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Live Bait Additive formulated for: Anchovy, Shiners, Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp, and Herring!


Reduces Saltwater Bait Losses.
Removes Harmful Ammonia.
Reduces Odors From Water.
Keeps Bait Frisky.
Removes Harmful Surface Foam.
Removes Harmful Chlorine From Melting Ice.
Reduces Fungus and Bacteria.
Stimulates a Natural Slime Coat.
Readily Dissolves In Saltwater.
Reduces Surface Tension For Better Oxygen Transfer.
Especially formulated for use with anchovies often used as live bait. This is a popular bait along the western coast of the United States. Livelier and better conditioned bait is often the reason for a more productive day of fishing.

One heaping tablespoon treats 25 gallons of saltwater; one cupful treats 200 gallons. On very poor bait, we recommend that you used a double dose of CHOVY-SAVER™. If using a flow through water system, more CHOVY-SAVER™ must be added when green color dissipates from water. Closed systems work best with CHOVY-SAVER™. Use in all saltwater and following all partial water changes.

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SL332 Treats 250 Gallons

SL333 Treats 1200 Gallons