Comal Tackle 1.5

Comal Tackle 1.5 " 2" 2.5" 3" (5) Colors Choose Cigar Peg Floats Bag of 50

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1 Peg are included per float. The pegs are also holed for slip rigging also.
Great for the everyday fishing application and rigs.
The 1.5" Pegs are too small for holes so these are the only size that the line will not slip through.
We have even included an Assortment bag of 50 Count - You will get 10 each of the Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, And Pink! (In the case that we are out of a certain color you will still get the assortment just more then 10 of the colors available. If we are out of 2 or more colors we will contact you for a decision to be made for an adjustment or cancellation)