COMAL TACKLE Pear Slip Stick Bobbers Weighted FROM 1.00" -2.25" Red/White Qty. of 8

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Slip Stick Float  sold in Qty's of 10

Slip Stick Float Weighted

(The weight is perfectly balanced to produce an upright bobber presentation, please no emails on how much the weight is, we do not know this. We only know that it is made specific for each bobber size for balance. 

This super-sensitive, spin casting adjustable slip float is excellent for crappie, catfish, walleye, perch, bream, bluegill or bass. The small holle in eyelet eliminates the need for slip bead. Easily adjust the depth by simply sliding bobber stop up or down the line. Full reel-in with float at rod tip allows more accurate casting and saves bait.