FUNGUS AID Helps clear bacterial fish diseases by Sure Life

FUNGUS AID Helps clear bacterial fish diseases by Sure Life

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FUNGUS-AID™ Helps Clear Bacterial Fish Diseases

At times, you need extra help to clear fish diseases which have the potential to spread and wipe out an entire tank of baitfish. When these problems crop up, you would be wise to have FUNGUS-AID™ handy and ready to use. This yellow granular formula is surprisingly inexpensive for the problems it is formulated to work on. There are certain common diseases which are easily recognized and which FUNGUS-AID™ is the ideal product to use to rectify the situation. These common diseases are:

Columnaris, which is a white cottony growth on any part of the fishes' body.
Hemmorrhagic Septicemia, which has the symptom of red streaks on fins or body of the fish.
Dropsy or fish bloat, where the scales stand outward and is usually caused by a kidney disorder.
Costiasis, which is a gray fungus on any part of the body.
Saprolegnia, which is a true water fungus and causes fin rot.
Pseudomonas or Aeromonas bacterial diseases, which can lead to mouth rot.
FUNGUS-AID™ readily dissolves in the water and is very easy to use. This product is importantly compatible with all SURE-LIFE® products. One heaping tablespoon treats 50 gallons of water; one cupful treats 400 gallons. Change 20-30% of the water, siphoning from the bottom of the tank before treating. Continue daily partial water changes and treat the replacement water with FUNGUS-AID™ until problem clears. The entire tank can receive a second full dose after the fourth day.

SL123 Treats 2,400 Gallons

SL124 Treats 8,000 Gallons

SL125 Treats 28,800 Gallons