No Mmonia II Ammonia and Chloramine Remover by Sure Life

No Mmonia II Ammonia and Chloramine Remover by Sure Life

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NO-MMONIA II™ Ammonia And Chloramine Remover

Buffered To Reduce pH Change
Removes Toxic Ammonia From Fresh And Saltwater
Removes Harmful Chloramines From City Water.
Reduces Toxic Nitrite Levels.
Especially Useful When Hauling Fish
Works Instantly
Ammonia may be present from fish wastes or overcrowding, and will burn fish gills causing death. Chloramines, often added by water companies as a disinfectant, will also kill fish by burning their gills. Nitrites, a by-product of bacteria, will suffocate fish.

NO-MMONIA II™ ELEMINATES BOTH AMMONIA AND CHLORAMINES FROM BAIT TANK WATER. This product also reduces nitrite levels which is a by-product of bacterial nitrogen cycles in closed systems. One tablespoon treats 50 gallons of water. One cupful treats 400 gallons. NO-MMONIA II™ is especially useful when hauling fish; simply check water for ammonia halfway through journey and add if required.

SL217 Treats 2,400 Gallons

SL218 Treats 9,600 Gallons

SL219 Treats 28,000 Gallons