NO PIKE Stops Surface Swimming! By Sure Life

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NO-PIKE™ Stops Surface Swimming ("Piking")

Contains Natural Tannins and Lignins.
Helps Fish Form A School Again.
More Concentrated Than other Products.
Especially Useful With Either BETTER-BAIT™ or FINER-SHINER™
"Piking" is indicated by baitfish swimming at the surface of the water or gathering in the corners of the bait tank. The fish also are not in a schooling pattern. This is the result of a lack both tannins and lignins in the water which are customarily found in the home waters of the fish. You can almost say that the fish do not like the water they are living in, and are trying to get out. This type of stress will ultimately kill your baitfish.

NO-PIKE™ contains natural tannins and lignins to simulate the home waters of baitfish. With NO-PIKE™ , fish resume their school again and show signs of being comfortable. Research and testimonials indicate that NO-PIKE™ is especially useful when used in conjunction with either FINER-SHINER™ or BETTER-BAIT™ .

This concentrated formula readily dissolves at the recommended dosage of one tablespoon per 50 gallons of water. One cupful treats 400 gallons of water.

The darkening agent in NO-PIKE™ will darken both the water and the baitfish. This results in a comfortable environment for the fish and a most desirable (baitfish) product for the live bait fishermen.

SL223 Treats 2,400 Gallons

SL224 Treats 9,600 Gallons

SL225 Treats 28,800 Gallons