Pogey Saver - Pogey Croaker Saltwater Bait Holding Formula by Sure Life

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POGEY-SAVER™ Pogey/Menhaden/Croaker Saltwater Bait Holding Formula

Conditions Saltwater.
Removes Harmful Ammonia.
Reduces Odors From Water.
Keeps Bait Alive and Frisky.
Lowers Bait Losses.
For Most Live Saltwater Bait.
Removes Harmful Chlorine From Melting Ice.
Reduces Fungus and Bacteria.
Stimulates A Natural Slime Coat.
Readily Dissolves.
Reduces Surface Tension for Better Oxygen Transfer.
Saves Labor From Fewer Water Changes.
One of the most popular live baits along the Atlantic Seacoast, menhaden consistently make for a successful day of fishing. Often times, difficult to keep alive, POGEY-SAVER™ is the first water conditioner ever developed specifically for these baitfish. With POGEY-SAVER™, you save your profits, you save your fish and you will have improved chances of hooking trophy fish. POGEY-SAVER™ will also help keep alive shrimp, ghost shrimp, croakers, mullet, mud minnows, and piggy perch. Carefully researched around the country, POGEY-SAVER™ proved to be of value with all types of saltwater bait.

One heaping tablespoon treats 25 gallons of saltwater, one cupful treats 200 gallons of saltwater. On very poor bait, we recommend that you use a double dose ofPOGEY-SAVER™. If using a flow through system, more POGEY-SAVER™ must be added when color dissipates from water. Closed systems work best with POGEY-SAVER™. Use in all new saltwater and following all partial water changes.

SL321B Treats 50 Gallons

SL322 Treats 250 Gallons

SL323 Treats 1,200 Gallons

SL324 Treats 4,800 Gallons

SL325 Treats 14,400 Gallons