SHINER-START™ Shiner-Kure Out Formula by Sure Life

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Recommended Initial Treatment For Hatchery And Wild Shiners Which:

Purges Shiners.
Hardens Scales.
Reduces Fungus And Bacteria.
Removes Harmful Chlorine.
Keeps Tank Water Cleaner.
A yellow granular product recommended as an initial treatment for hatchery and wild shiners. When harvesting these fish, the first days of captivity are critical in the proper conditioning of these fish. Otherwise, improper treatment can lead to poor water quality, diseased fish and soft bait.

Use SHINER-START™ to purge shiners, harden scales, reduce fungus and bacteria, remove harmful chlorine, keep tank water cleaner, and improve bait quality. The proper and recommended procedure for using SHINER-START™ requires the use of the product over a three day period.

One tablespoon treats 15 gallons of water; one cupful treats 200 gallons. Use SHINER-START™ for 3 days, changing 1/3 of the tank water daily by siphoning from the bottom of the tank. Treat replacement water with the correct amount of SHINER-START™. After three days, discontinue the use of SHINER-START™ and begin the use of FINER-SHINER™ in the water.